Energy Ventures, LLC ("EnVen") is an energy holding company that manages and coordinates a functionally integrated group of affiliated enterprises that specialize in the generation, distribution and provision of advisory services regarding electric power produced from renewable energy sources (biomass, geothermal, hydro-kinetic, solar and wind) in order to provide electric power to public and private consumers that adhere to an ethical, legal, moral or operational imperative to consume renewable energy. 

Each of EnVen’s subsidiaries is focused on a key aspect of the renewable energy value chain.  Energy Ventures AS, LLC provides energy efficiency and feasibility consulting service (“EnVen AS”); Energy Ventures EPC, LLC provides renewable energy generation facility engineering, procurement and construction management services (“EnVen EPC”); Energy Ventures IPP, LLC develops, owns and manages its own portfolio of renewable energy generation facility assets (“EnVen IPP”), and Energy Ventures REP, LLC engages in the retail sale of energy and environmental attributes (“EnVen REP”).  Each affiliate represents a complimentary and synergistic line of operation to each of the other affiliates.

Utilizing rigorous power and real estate development analysis to identify optimal consumer markets and development sites; employing the latest renewable energy-fueled power generation technology and a comprehensive engineering design, procurement and construction management process to ensure quality project construction; and creating viable project financial structures comprised of public and private equity and debt and public development and operating subsidies, EnVen develops power generation systems, generates and distributes power, and provides energy advisory services to its customers and attractive financial returns to its investors.